Slots of Fun

Indulge in entertainment with 100 000 free coins and this remarkably fun selection of slot machine games for your mobile device!

Slots of Fun - Casino app overview

Slots of Fun boasts various eccentric slot machine games available for entertainment on the go. The app is free for download and features exhilarating games such as Frooty, Soccer King, Sweet Dreams and many others. The games are customised for different tastes and users can jump from one game to another for many hours of fun and excitement. Slots of Fun also comprises five-reel slots, which gives users an outdoor experience in the comfort of their homes. Here is how you can play: Select your favourite game, customise your gamble and select how much you want to spend. Push spin, get lucky with big wins. You choose which symbols gives you big returns by using the pays button. Download the app today for a thrilling adventure.

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Slots of Fun app features

Slots of Fun invites you to play electrifying app casino games from your mobile device. With a multitude of breathtaking features that keep gameplay modern, sensational and challenging. Here’s a couple of reasons to install Slots of Fun immediately:
Slot games
  • Unlock Rewards

    Win coins to spend on unlocking new slots
  • Free

    It’s 100% free to play!
  • Choose A Slot

    5 differently themed slot games
  • On The Go

    Play slot games wherever you go