Shibobo Penalty Shootout

Put your skills to the test with Shibobo and see if you are the best goalie or free kick taker around. Shibobo is an addictive football game that lets you attack and defend on the pitch in order to be the ultimate champion.


Free Kicks For All!

Feel like a challenge? Fancy yourself as the best free kick taker or best goalie? Make sure you check out Shibobo – where the ultimate mobile soccer challenge awaits. Take turns attacking and defending against the AI… the best of 5 attempts at goal wins!


Shibobo offers simple gameplay in an addictive format, check out the features of our app and get ready to download the most fun you will have on your phone:
  • Leaderboard:

    Get your friends on board and challenge them to the top spot of our leaderboard.
  • Multi-Skill:

    Test both your defending and attacking skills in Shibobo.
  • Trick shot:

    No need to commit to the first move we allow you to trick the goalie if you can.
  • Free:

    100% free to download and play.
  • On The Go:

    Play anytime and anywhere.