Goal Granny

Face up against the toughest Granny to ever fill a goalmouth – compete with your friends for high scores!


Goal Granny is a simple, free penalty shootout app for the biggest football fans, available on both Android and iOS. Swipe up to have a snipe at goal – the Goal Granny poses a serious challenge, however. Are you prepared?

Gameplay is simple but deceptively tough to master. See below for how to play!


There are a bunch of cool features that keep gameplay fresh, exciting and challenging. Here’s why you should install Goal Granny today:
  • Leaderboard

    The leaderboard allows you to compete against all other Goal Granny players. Who will be the top scorer?
  • Dynamic Difficulty

    Goal Granny gets harder to beat each time you score, which means that you will get better and better at the game.
  • Free

    It’s 100% free to play!
  • Choose A Team

    Players can pick from a range of teams to play for.
  • On The Go

    Play a few rounds on the go!